We at TerraFormulations are a motley group of professionals from varied backgrounds, with a common purpose to deliver natural consumable products of the highest quality, purity and bio active efficacy. It is our vision to create a community of healthy individuals – and we are dedicated to providing premium quality products that help people of all ages to lead healthy, wholesome and happy lives.

As a team of minds and makers, we collectively stand by our motto – ‘Energy from Earth’. We aim to create products that are pure in content and form, and sourced from the best natural ingredients. Along with leveraging our extensive networks and expertise, our commitment to Quality is our greatest driving force.


In the booming nutrition industry, with an increased demand and surge of health and dietary supplements flooding the market – finding a key differentiator is the only way to create an impact on the customers mind and pocket.

We believe that Quality is our key differentiator. It is also our biggest focus and commitment to our customers. Even as newer products flood the market, we strongly stand by our quality assurance.

Sourcing only the best, natural ingredients, manufacturing under strict compliance and supervision, meeting quality standards and ensuring complete transparency with our customers are only complimentary to our quest for quality.

We are committed toward creating a healthy community, and are invested in it as much our customers. We are devoted to making sure your journey to wellness culminates into a happy, healthy, and wholesome approach to life.


Team TerraFormulations has extensive experience and vast supply chain networks spanning across North America, Europe and Asia. Our team includes scientists, R&D specialists, sourcing and supply chain experts, and not to mention brightest minds from across industries.

Our robust team is always abreast of new breakthroughs and innovations taking place in the nutrition industry. We collaborate with the medical practitioners, nutrition experts, wellness therapists and real life athletes, while formulating our products.

As nutritional science advances, we realise that striking the right balance between how a food (supplement) is sourced, how it is created and what it does to your body, is the key to a successful product.

It is our constant endeavor to bring the best of nature and create products that meet our customers standards, preferences and eventually choice their wholesome health and nutritional requirements.